Jason Orr

I design interfaces and systems for products and websites.

I believe in close collaboration, quick iteration, and turning complex problems into simple experiences.

I live in Austin, Texas.

Recent Work


I bring 10+ years of design leadership to every project engagement. But at the end of the day I also love scraping pixels from under my fingernails.

I'm an award-winning Designer and Design Director who has lead successful digital design projects across the financial, travel, entertainment, automotive, tech, fashion, and education industries.

My experience includes products, applications, websites and design systems that appear on phones, tablets, desktops, and televisions. I'm equally as comfortable working as the sole resource designing across phases as I am leading a multi-disciplinary team. I'm currently freelancing. I enjoy working both directly with clients and agencies.

Prior to freelancing I was a founding partner and Design Director at Smith, a Creative Director at Razorfish, Design Lead at Dell, and Designer at small shops with names like Milkshake, Collected Work, and Cortex. Before focusing on design I delivered fajitas and worked on oil rigs.

I look serious, but I'm not.

Let’s work together. Email . @jason_orr